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About Noble Toad

Handmade. Quality. Always.

Noble Toad Studio is built from passion. And lumber and stuff - but mostly passion. Our journey has always taken the slow scenic route and without passion to fuel us, we would have given up years ago! 

The flower shop developed mostly because our regular customers kept asking for it. We always start our ventures with passion and let little details like equipment and space look after themselves. Our first wholesale order of cut flowers was the most amazing experience. We went from only ever experiencing cut flowers in our lives on very special occasions to suddenly swimming in hundreds of Valentines themed flowers. It was beautiful. We panicked. We had no cooler, no advertising and pretty much no skills. But we did have passion. We took out our brand new florist snips and dove in. We made a lot of mistakes that first time out but we also did a lot of things right. Like anything else we take on, we grew alongside the shop learning skills and creating proper spaces for it. (The little details like buying a professional cooler and building an entire new wing in the gift store to house the flower shop eventually sorted themselves out.) We took courses, we bought a second pair of snips. And we stayed passionate. These days we are working on moving towards growing some of our cut flowers ourselves. Growing our own material reduces the huge carbon footprint generated by transporting blooms from far flung countries. It also reduces the huge amount of plastic packaging the comes along for the ride. We also love being able to offer blooms that are difficult to find at wholesalers either because they are in high demand, or because the one grower in the world that crops that flower didn't grow the colour we want. That happens. We are still in the early stages of this exciting project but as we are relying on passion to fuel it we expect great things to develop. We are looking forward to the day we can grow all our flowers right here. Won't that be amazing? 

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