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Mug Making

Dive into making the mug of your dreams! This slab built mug is made without a wheel and has unlimited potential for creativity! I will guide you through every step so all you need to to is relax and create!

Make a Plant Pot

Are you a plant parent? Or maybe you know someone who is and needs a new special pot. Get muddy and creative in this workshop! 

Get Muddy! Get Creative!

Our workshops are designed for success. You can just relax and enjoy getting creative. There are no wrong designs in pottery so no need to stress! In our workshops you will create your item completely from scratch, add texture and designs and pick out a custom glaze. Sadly, you cannot glaze your pots during the workshop as they need to dry for several weeks, and then get bisque fired before they are ready for their glaze. So unless you want to sleep in the studio for a month, you had better just choose your glaze from my test tile collection and leave it up to me. I will contact you when your piece is ready! 

Make A Serving Bowl

No experience is needed to make a beautiful serving bowl! The design possibilities are almost endless from texture to shape to glaze choices! 

We offer pottery workshops for a variety of projects. Workshops are custom booked and minimum group size is 3 people with a maximum of 10. Mug and Plant Pot workshops cost $60 per person and Serving Bowls are $75. The pricing includes all the materials you will need for your project, one-on-one instruction, unlimited choice of our glaze selection, bisque and glaze firing. Contact us to discuss date and time options. If you have a project idea that is not listed feel free to contact us to see if we can accommodate it.

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